Havaianas Sandals on Zalora

Most of my friends know how much I’ve always loved wearing flip-flops (we call them “kasut selipar” or “slippers” here), especially in hot, humid Kuching. Covered shoes feel like mini-saunas on my feet – I could never quite understand how people could wear sneakers 24/7 in this weather.

Also, I can’t really think of any other foot-wear that transitions as easily for use on the beach as flip-flops do… and since I am pretty much a city girl who’s a part-time beach-bum over weekends, flip-flops are an essential item to have.

They also pack easily into luggage for travel, should I require something more casual (and water-proof), and because of this, I find them invaluable and incredibly versatile... I've had flip-flops that have accompanied me for a short hike and swim at Kuang Xi waterfalls in Laos in the day-time, and then functioned equally well for dancing at a merry little local pub later on that same night.

I also always keep a spare pair in my car, even when I go for functions requiring high-heels or court shoes, because it’s always such a relief to swap those for a pair of comfortable, ventilated flip-flops after that.

Anyway, I’ve had a particular fondness for the Havaianas brand since years ago, when my cousin introduced  it to me, and was rather excited when I was contacted by Zalora to write about them. This is a sponsored post, yes, but I only post positively about the things I love and there are so many good things I could say about my favourite flip-flop brand.

Founded in the year 1962, the first shoes for Havaianas were inspired by the typical Japanese sandal, Zori, which was made from fabric straps and rice straw soles. Thus, Havaianas foot-bed shoe feature sports the same the rice-patterned texture in all its products, as a bit of a homage to its humble beginnings. The brand offers a wide selection of trendy designs, for men, women, and children, so there's something for everyone to pick.

Think flip-flops are too casual for anything outside of beach-wear? They’re actually great for shopping and just chilling out at cafes. And it’s not impossible to make that laid-bck style look fashionable – these celebrities managed to pull off the look:

That’s Hilary Duff and Zac Efron, and they’re both wearing Havaianas flip flops and totally rocking them. If you want to achieve that effortlessly stylish look without having to fuss over which shoes to wear, Havaianas flip flop sandals are a pretty awesome solution, especially in this tropical weather we live in.

And here’s some even better news: back when I first started on my Havie obsession it was a lot easier to ask friends and family to purchase them on trips out to Singapore and Australia than find them here. Right now, they're already made available at Zalora, which makes shopping for Havaianas so much easier and more convenient. There’s a rather wide range of creative designs from their collection on the site, and just a few clicks later, your purchase will be delivered to you within only three days!

So much easier than those days of begging, cajoling and bribing people just so they would bring back a new pair of my favourite casual foot-wear for me.

Go look for yourself, and check out Havaianas on Zalora now.


David said...

Irene, I've been a Tevas fan. that little piece between the toes has always been a source of pain when I tried flip flops.

Then again here at 43north winters are long and open feet would freeze.

Kolon Mee Fan said...

I only wear flip flop inside the house. It is too dangerous to wear outside as it has no protection for all your 10 little piggy.

jessbuurman said...

great post