Recap: Year 2013

So it's something like two weeks to the new year. Inspired by Weena (and the annoying Year In Review thingy that keeps popping up on the upper left corner of my Facebook profile), here's a little recap of the highlights of year 2013:

Celebrated Chinese New Year with BOTH MY SISTERS. Did so rocking a faux-hawk (side-swept here to tone it down) in a tight gold cheongsam. The grandmother was not pleased. I'm planning a remix of the whole boring traditional dress thing in a few weeks - with Doc Martens in the place of funky hair, tempered by heaps of RED dresses. :D

Don't mind the bloaty PMS belly. Image credits: Calvin.

Took up hiking as a serious hobby. Started kayaking regularly. Camped for the first time in fifteen years. Generally did more outdoorsy stuff... and regained a little focus on where I want my life to be headed, and earned some personal Zen in the process.

Gained some good buddies, lost touch with some old friends, reconnected with many I've not spoken to in years. Rebuilt some broken bridges, burned others. Lost a friend to an unexpected accident.

Narrowly got involved in an unexpected incident, out at sea.

Lost a tonne of weight I gained from generally being depressed, by stopping all the boozing, and replacing that with healthier pursuits (see above).

Dealt with grief badly for awhile, when Cookie died. Was the most heart-wrenching pain I've experienced in a very long time... life was upended for quite a few months.

Lost another dog a few months later... my shared-custody goldie, Bono, passed away from a stomach infection complicated by tick fever. 2013 has not been a good year for dogs.

Was gifted a puppy I thought I didn't want. Can't imagine a silent house without little Miss Alyx's escapades now.

Actually made friends with the first baby that didn't scare me. I don't think I'm quite cut out for motherhood yet, little ones make me feel uneasy... but I actually hung out with a miniature human this year, without freaking out.

Spent a tonne on self-improvement. Figured that it's time to actually do something more meaningful with my spare time and money. Found that there's still so much room for learning. Enjoyed reading law. Enjoyed being busy and productive with little time for self-indulgent misery. Enjoyed the tonnes of new things I learnt from all the online courses I applied for too.

Might be a little too soon to say this, but DIDN'T break any bones this year, unlike the past three or four years, where it seems to be an annual occurrence. Will be extra, extra careful for the next to week to make sure I break that trend.

Finally, this year has been the year I finally learnt forgiveness. And what a heavy burden off my heart that has been, learning to let go of the hurt and the bitterness and the hatred that has been my main driving force in the past few years.

2013 has just gone by just like that. I've made my share of mistakes, had a heap of bad stuff happen... but there's been a lot of joy and laughter too, and I've had things set right, in the past few months. It's been a year with really amazing happenings... balanced out by equally devastating incidences, so I'm not sure if it's been the best year for me, but for all it's worth, it's been one that has enriched my soul greatly.

I'm not hoping for major miracles, I don't have big plans like I used to... but in the following year, as long as I keep on trying and learning and growing as I go along, I guess I'm on the right track towards self-fulfillment and personal happiness.


Jenny said...

p/s: I miss Cookie too.. :(

ahlost said...

Aawww.. i love the last pic <3

David said...


Your 2013 has taken you high and low. You learned about love from Cookie, and even more from that lovely baby you appear to have bonded with.

As a women you are unique. Women form bonds with thier children in such a unique manner. Ask any mother who loves her children and in return is loved so much more in return.

2014 will be amazing!

Merry Christmas!!

David said...

You appear to have grown much in 2013. Cookie and your baby bonding experience have taught you much about unrequited love.

Wishing you a joyful filled Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

CreativeBitchin said...

jen: i miss her so much sometimes. some nights i look out into the streets and it still hurts. the thought of her alone and afraid still gets to me on occasion.

rose: haha yeah thanks! we were playing with front facing camera to distract her and keep her entertained.

david: the baby's not mine haha. she's my friend's. just noteworthy that i can interact with her, because i've never been good with children.