Just posted this on my Facebook timeline as the mother of all lengthy Facebook statuses. I've been meaning to write about this topic here, but since there's this spontaneous piece that pretty much covers it all, I've decided to repost it here with some minor edits, because more people should read this instead of being the ignorant smart-aleck types they really are:

Was sitting around feeling hangry (angry because hungry) and I saw a few things that served to piss me off even more. Just realised that the majority (if not ALL) of the posts against female oral contraception here are by MEN.

Before I launch into a rant here I'd like to point out that I've been rebuffed with "you argue with emotions, not logic" several times before (let's not even go into how I feel about men who brush women off as "emotional" or "crazy"... It's a nasty habit, and is in the same category of rationalisation as gas-lighting - destroying a person's integrity and credibility because you can't win an argument in any other way).

Oh, so you want logic ey? OK WHY NOT TRY THIS: before you choose to run your mouth off about the usage of OCPs, why not try and see if you fulfill the following - these are the matters which will determine how entitled you are to speak on the topic that way:

1. Are you a woman? Or to be more specific: Do you possess a uterus?

2. Are you aware of the various different varieties of oral contraceptive pills out there, and are you familiar with the differences between each? (Oh sureeee, I bet you REALLY know this one ey.)

3. Have you ever suffered from PMS or even PMDD?

4. Have you any experience with taking oral contraceptive pills for an extended period of time (at least half a year)?

5. Failing all of the above, are you in any way qualified, or of some authority to offer suggestions on how women should manage their reproductive systems? (Actually, even male gynaecologist arouse in me a certain amount of scepticism due to matters 1 - 4.)

Can't answer to the affirmative for most (or all) of the above? Have you ANY fucking idea how RIDICULOUS you sound when you get all self-righteous and presumptuous, posting the shit you do about that?

And what are the issues you have with it? Let me hazard a guess:

1. Encourages women to become promiscuous and loose in morals.

Wow. I didn't realise we were still living in the dark ages. It is an INDIVIDUAL'S RIGHT to make the decisions for his or her body. FYI being on the pill has not had that effect on me, if my extended celibacy is anything to go by. And who are you to objectify me by telling me what I can or can not do with my vagina?

2. Related to the previous item on this list: Why should women take pills when they can opt for condoms?

HELLO. YOU IGNORANT FUCK. NOT EVERYBODY TAKES THOSE TO BE ABLE TO ENJOY CREAM-PIES. Some of us take it to regulate our cycles, manage a spotty complexion, reduce severity of PMDD, or other legitimate conditions.

3. Pills are bad for health/will cause cancer/etc. 

That is generally out-dated news. The cancer-causing pills were first-generation pills. Scientists have since then found out that minute quantities of oestrogen is all that is needed. OCPs have in fact been shown to reduce the occurrence of ovarian cysts, among other things.

HOWEVER pulmonary embolisms ARE a side-effect of being on the pill, and there are even more associated risks for those who smoke. I think it is a risk I find worthwhile to take, taking into consideration the improvement to quality of life it affords me. The probability of you dying in a tragic car crash is higher. You still commute around on the road, don't you?

4. This is the best one I've seen so far: Pills cause women to become more manly, because the body stops being able to produce oestrogen. 

With minuscule dosages like what I'm taking, I've seen more ANTI-ANDROGENIC side-effects, such as the reduction of body hair, than anything else. Please show me the literature that contradicts what a decade of being on the pill has proven to me.

How about YOU try bleeding heavily out of your dick for over a whole week, while suffering cramps so debilitating you can't walk, on top of feeling so drained and exhausted all you want to do is sleep, then throw in a whole spate of severely stressful roller-coaster emotions (the best I can describe it is a really nasty drug come-down) and I bet none of you will ever say shit about this matter again.

OK. Finally gotten some food in. Lost most of the hangry. Rant ends here.

Enjoy this wall of text, you miserable fools. Don't y'all have better things to do than go around advising people on what to do with a portion of their anatomy that YOU don't even possess?


David said...

Irene, your rant is justified.

Far to many men of all ages willingly avoid learning about how female biology works. A womens period, the ups and downs the come PMS and PMDD are beyond most males ability to understand.

I have lived with a peri-menapausal wife for some years now. I had to choose to learn about a womens life cycle.

You could probable tell your readers some interesting stories about the new emotional/hormonal roller-coaster you experienced starting with the onset of puberty. The Irene who was likely a cheerful and happy little girl turned into a young women with an entirely new world of sensations and emotions with that first period.

Part of male-female intimacy is a male partner learning about, and appreciating what a growing young women, partner or wife goew through every month.

Sometimes funny, sometimes males must walk on egg-shells around a partner working through an episode for PMS that makes many women not like being a women, at least during the peak of PMS events.

Appreciation and admiration for a women of any age does not develop quickly. This perhaps is the best reason for young men and women not to rush into quick sexual enounters.

Quick physical intimacy is exciting and intense. However most often the event does not live upto movie, novel or tv drama heights. Real life and real intimacy takes time to develop.

Young will tell a young women that they admire her and appreciate her.

They do, that's true, young males appreciate her when they touch and kiss her breast and when copulation occurs.

Such sexual appreciation and admiration is not what a young women, for that matter, women of any age group want or look for from male companions.

Bravo Irene, for putting this topic front and center.

Message to males of all ages: WAKE up and take you eyes off of porn when wanting to learn about girls.