Comic Relief Comes On Two Wheels

Forgot to add this in my recap of 2013: a few weeks ago I was asked a favour... to make a quick cameo in a road safety video.

This is all the more ironic because... I broke my elbow just a year ago, riding a bicycle. Also, I only got the call just a day before the actual shoot, so you can expect how wobbly and terrified I was, whilst going down that entire stretch of road.

You may now laugh. My father did, after watching the footage in utter disbelief.



Gette said...

Haha! That was you? I thought it was pretty cool that some chick's riding a bicycle in a dress.

CreativeBitchin said...

haha yea gette that was me... i've not been on a bike for quite a few months and i've never ridden it in a dress (it's a bit of a publicity stunt seriously, inspired by another road safety video from some other country), and it was on the road which i get nervous riding on.

note: if you MUST wear a dress to cycle, it's a good idea to wear proper shorts under that. i had a bit of a sore crotch after the shoot...

Sherrie Pui said...

So pretty leh but too bad only your back was shown

Anonymous said...

I was expecting blood and gory!


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

My internet signal is bad. Will try to watch it once i'm back in Kuching.

David said...

Irene, Great to see you in a video, even if we only saw your back.

Riding in a dress with shorts! I suppose if one is going to wear a dress, a short dress would be better as a long skirt could catch on the sprocket or shifter.

It is also good that you got on the bike again. Please however do not give up on bikes. I would advise to wear a bicycle helment. Since you have had injuries from falls, knee pads, and elbow pads would reduce the risk of serious injury.

Not much bicyle riding where I live. -16C outdside with snow covered bike paths.

Have Happy, healthy, peaceful, joy filled and prosperous 2014!

David said...

Irene, it was brave of you to get on that bike again!

Now that you have done that. Consider keeping on riding bicycles. I would advise using a helmet. Cycling helments will not only protect your head, but also aid cooling. Not to mention the variety of colours make many quite attractive.

Elbow pads could have prevented your injury, if you had worn such.

Keep on riding!

Kolon Mee Fan said...

Hey Irene...Check this tune by
British Sea Power
'Machineries Of Joy'