Dear (___)

Recent lessons learnt (or reaffirmed):

  • Respect has to be earned
  • When there is kindness and trust given, more often than not, there will be positive reciprocation
  • There are always choices in life
  • Be the master of your intellect - everything boils down to what your mind makes of things
  • Be generous, without expectation
  • Love is not selfish
  • You never know yourself as well as you think you do
  • A relationship between two people is a constant effort made easier with good communication and trust
  • Leave behind your judgements and you will stand to gain more, even if it's just more insight into the complex nature of the human mind
  • Pause to self-evaluate every so often... Sometimes when you rush for a destination, you lose sight of the real goals
  • Take time out to be alone for introspection without the noise
  • Things are rarely what they seem like
  • Just accept when people pay compliments and give you affirmation, you bloody deserve it
  • Expect the unexpected, and relax when things don't go quite as planned
  • Never stop loving yourself, past abuse and mistakes does not make one a lesser person
  • Accept that you are who you are, but never stop trying to be better
  • Have courage to make the necessary sacrifices... they lead to bigger, better things.
  • You have only one life... enjoy it fully
I guess, you could say, I am sort of, kind of, finally learning to love another person. Not in the most conventional of ways, but he has been nothing but a pillar of support to me.

Don't know how I got this lucky, but I won't question these things too much, not today.


David said...

Irene, this post just makes me smile.

You are showing shimmers of wisdom!

David said...

Irene, If you follow all you have learned at the appropriate times and occasions your life will turn out better, happier and more amazing than you ever thought possible.

Looking for more wisdom coming to a post here soon!