Survivor's Guilt

Everyone's using the word "death" so lightly. I know I often use it way too much in metaphors.

But you know what, death is the horror that haunts me every night before I sleep, when my guard is down.

Death was in your glassy eyes, death was the blood running out from your neck. Death is my patting the bed-covers in the early morning, searching for you, and not finding you. Death is your body's decomposition. Soon you will be nothing more than a pile of bones, beneath a pile of stones.

Everybody keeps talking about death. But I know better. It's not over until that last flicker is gone. It's not over if you can still hear it, see it, feel it.

So it's two unrelated things, but today I'm angry, because people are saying, yesterday was the death of democracy.

They don't fucking know how final death really is.


Kuching Guy said...

Yes, it is hopeless.

The rich business/political cronies who vote for BN have their agendas. The ignoramus folks who voted BN are poor and total lack of imagination and ability to think critically.

They are happy with their $500 and a bag of free rice that will last them 5 years.

These folks education are limited and did not know all RTM, TV3 and all major local newspapers

are controlled by BN. They do not know BN gives $500 to steal $5 millions.

ahlost said...

I'm trying to use less "die" in real life.. eg, #eatdieyou #fatdieme #fulldieme.. i'll use #eatfatme instead. afraid of the word *die* cos we might get what we always *wish* O.o

David said...


Democracy is always about a struggle to remain free.

If there was election fraud during May 5th election then there is indeed danger for all freedom loving people.

Election fraud however, is not the death of democracy. Such behaviour is often the tool of party memebers who know their party members cannot be elected in a contest of ideas.

Your desire to become more politically aware and involved is admirable. I trust you have friends and associates with similar desire for more personal involvement. You will need to find an inner stregnth, patience, determination and will to continue such growth and to play a role in being an active participant in democracy.

I wish you and your frieds success in your endeavours.

Do not give up, and do not give into those who are certian democracy is dying in Malaysia.

People, as invidiuals and in groups are to heart and sould of a democratic and free people.

Not goving into to those who seek to grasp control and set unfair and biased laws to control and limit the freedoms of those who oppose such plans.

Best wishes for you!!