Of Peptides and H2O Retention

There are HEAPS of photos I want to post up and tonnes of things I want to post about but my amazing reverse Midas touch on electronics has struck again and not only have I only killed my phone AND my notebook, but I'm managed to send the mother's Toshiba notebook to an early grave.

Now while waiting for mine to be sent back from the Acer service centre (thank goodness for three-year warranties... I'm getting a HDD replacement) I'm sort of stuck with a MacBook that I'm not very good at using and am getting increasingly frustrated at.

Anyway for lack of inclination to post unedited pictures of the gorgeous places I've been to and the sights I've seen recently, I'll do a post on what I've been slathering on my face.

I've been told that I've pretty good skin despite the social smoking, the occasional alcohol binges, and my occasional foray under scorching sun (comes hand in hand with my beloved trips to the beach and those long hikes into tropical jungles).

While I'm more inclined to attribute that to good genetics, a greater awareness of what goes into my diet, and the oral contraceptive pills I'm on (oestrogen, even in the minute quantities I'm consuming on a daily basis gives the most amazing glowing complexion), I'm also going to give credit to some of the facial products I've been using, because if you've been following my blog for awhile you'll remember a rather irritating period of less-than-perfect skin - no, I'm not going to link back to my mug in all it's pimple-ridden glory.

I hate fads, and am always very disinclined to purchase items that people are going ga-ga over. I guess I am always very wary of the marketing and brand awareness that goes into promoting a product. But I admit I've been convinced by the whole hyaluronic acid madness that is Japanese skin-care right now.

This is currently the core products in my skin-care regime:

Actually I only use one of those two bottles of lotion from Hada Labo, but I've probably just a few drops left of the original Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion (the cylindrical bottle on the left), so I purchased the es Lotion (the more... angular bottle to the right of the SHA lotion) which is pretty much similar but formulated for sensitive skin with added zinc (Nano Zinc Hyaluronic Acid for those who want to quibble over the specifics), just because I've never tried it before.

I'm not a big fan of ALL Hada Labo products, but I love the lotion, and apply it pretty liberally the moment I step out of the shower, under my moisturiser and the rest of whatever I feel like slapping onto my face at the moment. For all the "one sold every four seconds in Japan" hype, it DOES leave the most amazing silky-smooth finish to my skin and DOES hydrate it. I've not had any problems with the occasional patches of dry skin I used to suffer since I started incorporating this lotion into my skin-care.

I've not really had the chance to really test out the difference between the original lotion and the one from the es line, but so far, I've not really seen much of a difference. The original one might just be a tiny bit more hydrating, but I'm not noticing a big difference... so maybe a more long-term usage might be necessary.

I do have ONE gripe about the es Lotion though which has more to do with the packaging than the formulation - the original lotion is very easy to dispense, pouring full, large drops into the palm of my hand rather easily (I use three drops); the es Lotion however, dispenses in this weak trickle that's fucking aggravating me. I sort of wait for the pathetic stream to dribble into my hand and vaguely estimate the amount I need. It's usually too little, going by that sort of estimation. -_-"

The small blue bottle on the far right is the moisturising serum from Juju Aquamoist that I'm currently giving a shot... Yes, hydration is a Very Big Deal for me because I have dry-combination skin. I did use a similar offering from Hada Labo a couple of years back but didn't like that one too much... Here's a picture of these two similar products stolen off Bubzbeauty's page (you can read her comparison of products from both companies here):

Image credits: Bubzbeauty.com

The Hada Labo serum was VERY hydrating, but it was also sticky and took forever to absorb and way too rich for me. I got minor break-outs and clogged pores and it left me feeling sticky on humid nights. I like how light and quick to absorb the Aquamoist offering is... unfortunately it sometimes leaves me feeling like it's a little lacking in the hydration department, probably because it absorbs so quickly. My skin's not looking any worse for wear so I'll persist using it and see if it's worth the RM76 I paid for it (got it on sale).

The big tub in the foreground of the first image on top is my moisturiser... It's actually from the place I do my facials at and sort of dodgy in the sense I can't find much of any information on it on the Internet. I can't remember what exactly is in it (the ingredients were on the box it came in which I think I threw out last year) but I remember that it DOES have methyparaben as a preservative and certain plant extracts.

This is how the contents look like:

I have to admit part of the pleasure in applying this is how it looks and feels... a clear, refreshing gel. Might be partly placebo effect but my skin feels invigorated upon application.

Dodgy as it is (claims to be a "tightening gel"... my gutter mind can't help but make certain very uncalled-for associations), it works for me as a moisturising gel. I have no love for very heavy moisturisers on my face (even Hada Labo's SHA moisturising milk feels a tad too much for me) especially for day use, so this gel-type hydrating moisturiser works for me.

I like it, and carry a small container filled with it around,  to reapply at needed on drier days. It hasn't broken me out, or clogged my pores (can't say the same for Mrs. Chan), and isn't greasy and keeps my skin sufficiently hydrated so I guess as little credibility as it has, it works for me - and isn't the whole point of a good skin-care regime one that suits your skin?

Might switch to something else after this tub runs out, and in the meantime I've been looking around for alternatives, but haven't quite found anything quite as light as this one for day use.

In the meantime, I've bought this little sample set of Aquamoist products that I saw on sale at Watsons. It's only RM19.90 and you get a 50g tube of their facial cleanser, a 50ml bottle of their lotion, a 10ml bottle of their serum, and two sachets of what I think is their moisturising gel cream. Very worth it... but I've yet to try it out.

Will probably do a comparison against what their counterpart Hada Labo is offering. I've tried more Hada Labo products because they're much cheaper in comparison for one, and more widely-available, especially in Kuching.

Since yesterday I've been testing out this set of sample-sized products from Kinerase that Jojo passed to me:

The set I got had a cleanser, a moisturising cream, an eye-cream and a C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment. Kinerase is a prescription-only skin-care line targeted mostly at those with a little extra money in their wallets, and carry a line of products that are predominantly anti-aging and also for post-surgery usage. A quick search yielded breath-taking prices - a 30ml bottle of the C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment's something like RM400+? The sample is in 5ml size... Thanks for the freebie!

Anyway I don't have much to say about it except the cleanser feels nice - very mild. And I like the cream, which is surprising. It offers an amazing finish upon application... smooth and plump skin. I'd still keep it for night use though... not sure how it would fare as a day-cream in this crazy humid weather. And it's only two days in so I can't say if the C6 peptide actually works - I've been applying that on the fine lines on my forehead and naso-labial region... but it DOES absorb very easily without any greasy residue. Same goes for the eye-cream. Probably should take a good before and after shot to compare.

You can read Jo's review of all those here. And I think I'm sort of done with my first vanity-related post for 2013.


pondsandleaves said...

Heyo, awesome post. Lemme know on the Aquamoist. Once my softener is out, my next target is Aqua Label. Haha. Such shoppers we are.

ahlost said...

I wanna buy that Aquamoist. Quite cheap eh. My moisturiser finished and i'm currently stealing my sister's Clinique moisturiser to use.. kakakakaka..

CreativeBitchin said...

jo: i think you'll like the aqualabel serum. very light and quick-absorbing. not greasy in the least.

rose: more expensive than hada labo but i love it! clinique's moisture surge range is nice, but the rest of it just isn't for me. used to use it but whilst it wasn't as bad as shisedo was for my skin, it wasn't really all that good either. i'm no longer going to judge a product by its price-tag by the way. some of the cheaper stuff have worked better on me.