I feel a little sad every time I find out someone's interested in me.

Because I know I could never reciprocate them in the way they should be treated.

I just get so irate because it's a strange feeling, this liking and being liked. Too much expectation, all this business involving emotions, and so much uncertainty.

I just hope this strange hang-up goes away soon.

Either way, it's now an hour and fifteen minutes since 14th February started. Not my favourite celebration, but I do wish everyone a happy Valentine's day.

May this be a a reminder to cherish this thing called love, in whatever form it may come in.


David said...


You revealed something very interesting.

I feel a little sad every time I find out someone's interested in me.

Why do you feel sad when someone is interested in you?

Your site has many posts where you have documented family problems and your own personal issues and challenges.

I would have to go into your archives to search for any post where you actually write about what you like about yourself, and what your truly value.

Do not despair or ever give up.

Life is always up and down, and our personal paths are never linear or predictable.

Before you feel sorry for those who attempt to befriend you, spend some time getting to know and valueing yourself.

You are a unique one and only!

No one can be Irene, no one can offer the world the unique beauty that you try so hard to hide from the world.

When you finally can accept yourself and love yourself for who are, then you will find a different and more desirable type of person seeking you.

Best wishes and blessings for your future!


CreativeBitchin said...

it's not self-esteem issues that i'm having at the moment, just the knowledge that i'm not quite ready yet to fall in love again. not too sure i can love in a way that is healthy and sufficient, so it's just better to not bother till i think i'm equipped to do so =)

thanks for the kind words anyway, i really did appreciate them!