TC + TC = Wedding!

I've been lazy with the updates lately, but this was what I spent most of my Saturday on:

Image credits: Phyl + Fab

Another wedding! This time it was Theresa's. Got an invite all out of the blue and was really pleasantly surprised. So happy for her!

Also, got to meet some friends I've not seen in a long while. It was an uncharacteristically lovely day for Kuching, all blue skies without as much as a hint of a dark cloud. Everyone was all smiles, maybe with the exception of Aaron, but we'll come to that later.

Image credits: Phyl + Fab

All the single ladies at the wedding were probably both very superstitious and very unwilling to get married LOL. Check out the very phail bouquet-throwing bit of the church wedding:

Image credits: Phyl + Fab

We all sort of dodged and when it landed at our feet... nobody really wanted to pick it up. Check out the expressions on our faces. And then the first unsuspecting girl who picked it up - we all quickly started clapping and cheering her. HAHAHAHAHA!

Even the groom cracked up at the proceedings LOL.

Image credits: Phyl + Fab
And the wedding luncheon at the groom's place was pretty good - there was a huge tray of eggs cooked in salted eggs, which while an unusual dish to serve for this sort of event, was really much enjoyed by yours truly.

The dinner reception itself was rather unique. Firstly, there were two rather amusing emcees that were pretty much coming up with the most impromptu commentaries - what programme opening starts off with someone cursing in Hokkien about the speaker volume?

And all these bottles here in front of me? I thought they were bottles of beer when I sat down at my table. Turns out they were wedding favours - bottles of olive oil from Western Australia. Awesome for the health-conscious!

Image credits: Phyl + Fab

Then there was the lantern-releasing event on the programme, midway through dinner... All the guests were encouraged to walk out to the lawn just outside of the dining hall, and pick one of the paper lanterns on the grass to light and release into the sky with well-wishes.

Image credits: Phyl + Fab

Phyl and I lit one, successfully! The sky was so beautiful when all the lanterns were released...

Image credits: Cheryl (stolen off her Instagram)

It was a really epic wedding. Aaron was tearing up throughout most of it... during the church wedding, and then later on during the dinner when the wedding video came on.

The dinner ended with an after-party and the dreaded Gangnam Style dance done by the hengtais and more dancing and lots and lots and lots of whisky and beer and some champagne... and that's why I spent most of my Sunday nursing a hangover haha. All in all, it was a really good wedding. =)

Congrats again, Theresa and Terk Chyang!


David said...


Weddings are so much fun, romantic and glamorous!

You look so lovely!

The short hair is adorable and appears to fit your personality!

Blue and sunny skies. Just what is lacking here where winter is entrenched for another 8 weeks.
-3C this morning.



CreativeBitchin said...

thanks a lot david! it's been over a month i updated, gasp! but the compliments are much appreciated. i think i'm keeping this hair for awhile =)

while you have winter over there, it's the tail end of the rainy season here in kuching... not too sure how i feel about the weather alternating between sunny days and torrential downpours haha.