An Update On All The Updates I Should Have Updated On

Title says it all haha. So, on the topic of how I injured my arm, weeks ago. I realise I haven't really posted up an explanation here. I might as well.

I did mention that bicycle toe-cages are evil. This is a toe-cage:

This thing screws onto your bicycle pedal, as you can see in the image, and is implemented to retain your feet on the pedals and reduce the inevitable slippage, which is useful - if you're a long distance biker.

I am not. I still have no idea why SMurF had to install them on my bike. That doesn't really matter anymore - what matters is, in the case of an accident-prone person such as I, they are a Very Bad Idea.

How I fell off is really ridiculous, even when I think about it now. All I did was: I stopped my bike. Stopping your bike, as any child would know, involves removing your feet off the pedal, and setting it down on the ground on both sides of the bike. In my case, I did just that, BUT the toe-cage on the left had to somehow catch on my left shoe, and while attempting to extricate my foot from it, I lost balance and fell to my right.

Unable to remove my foot in order to rotate self into a falling position whereby I would have landed safely on my bum, I found myself succumbing to the forces of gravity as if in slow motion... facing downwards. I had two options at that point:

  • land flat on my face
  • break fall by reaching out right arm 

The choice was obvious, if regrettable. I landed on my arm - hard - and heard a loud popping sound coming from aforementioned arm. Pain shot through my arm momentarily, but wasn't severe enough that I would expect that it was broken. I merely thought I might have pulled a ligament badly.

And that's how I broke my radial head. Guess what I did straight after I got back from the hospital?

Anyway, this is an x-ray taken three weeks after that incident. You can now distinctly see where I broke it, as indicated clearly by that little cerise arrow in the second image:

Edited x-ray colour because standard black and white is soooo boring.
Since the break was so minor, it only showed up as a vague shadow on initial x-rays. This one confirms that it's a proper fracture, but in a rather stable location, so initial advice not to put it in a cast was correct.

That was almost two weeks ago. The fracture is probably healed by now, but as in the case of most similar injuries to that area, I've been having some major recovery problems in terms of regaining mobility. Daily physiotherapy to rehabilitate my arm has been a necessity.

I can't flex my right arm so my right hand touches my right shoulder. But I can straighten most of it out, and rotate my forearm so my palm faces up (supination), which is actually quite an achievement considering how limited my range of movements were before physio.


If you read my previous post, I mentioned that the kind people at Genting Garden replied me and offered to send me some sorrel seeds at no charge. Took ten days to reach me, which was longer than expected, but I finally received it yesterday in the mail:

And to my delight, they didn't only send me a generous amount of seeds for the common sorrel, but they also included an extra pack for bloody sorrel, which is the milder-flavoured, red-veined variety, which is so beautiful it is sometimes grown as an ornamental, albeit edible, garden plant.

I've planted quite a number of seed for both varieties in two seeding trays. Apparently these make great companion plants to my strawberry plants:

A bit unrelated to previous statement, but strawberry flowers are quite pretty!

And I'm going to end this post on that note, because that reminds me that I have to go out to check on my little herb nursery that I've relocated on my patio, due to attacks by snails that have increased in severity lately, what with it being the rainy season now.

Next post, probably another set of updates I was suppose to post here weeks ago LOL.


David said...


With your tendency towards sports mis-adventures, I suggest, (STRONGLY), that you never try sky-diving.

Me thinks your pedal cage was adjusted to tightly to allow your foot to come out quickly. I have used a similar system for years. Truth I have more trouble getting my foot into the toe cage so I can pedal efficiently. Getting out is easy. One more tip, avoid fast release pedal systems. Most everyone falls a few times until one gets use to the release motion.

I like your garden!

Let us know when you harvest your first strawberries!


CreativeBitchin said...

david: unfortunately i think it's more my propensity for misfortune - my foot actually did slip out of pedal cage, according to my father who was watching, but somehow caught on the top part of my shoe. i have no idea how that happened.

sky-diving is something that's actually on my bucket list... might just keep that till last so i don't accidentally off myself before i get to do the others lol.

i'm quite chuffed with the amount of things i've managed to get growing in my garden... it's been quite interesting cultivating both local herbs as well as the more temperate-weather plants.

strawberries are coming along soon - i see two very tiny green ones. got myself day-neutral strawberries as we have no winters here so it should fruit all round the year. pictures up when i have them!

David said...


I look forward to photos from your garden.

Cold weather, like 16C today, 7C at night, with 0C days and nights not many weeks away here.

Snow could fall anytime next month.


CreativeBitchin said...

i miss having proper winters! while it's awesome living in a tropical climate, sometimes i do long for the different seasons you guys experience. sounds like quite mild weather for you at the moment. that's my definition of perfect weather! it's the rainy season again soon, here in borneo. not my favourite time of the year, but my mints and basils seem to love it.