Some Geeky Temptations

If you're the sort who loves phone accessories and you're sick of paying premium prices for those sold at stores here (the shit I see on sale at 1 Jaya is just bloody extortionate if you ask me), this little project of a friend's might just interest you:

Introducing GeekZen!

It's Reubie's baby, and I can't tell you how proud I am of him for setting it up... so yes, here's a little bit of shameless advertising on my blog. :D

If you're into really quirky stuff, check these out:

John's Phone

This is ideal for those of you who're just plain sick of the fancy-schmancy bells and whistles on smart-phones, and miss the simpler times when a mobile phone was just for calls. So yes, no texts, no social media, no annoying custom ring-tones, no HD video recording - just a literal phone-book where you stash into a little build-in compartment on the phone.

Also available in Black and Pink.

Xoopar Robo External Battery Pack

This has got to be the cutest little battery pack EVAR. Seriously, check out how they've designed the various adapters as the "robot"'s head, arms and legs. No more annoying tangly wires, plus it's adorable as hell, hence not very embarrassing to whip out like some of those boxy standard-design external battery packs you see around.

DVK808 HD 720P Keyring Camera

A discreet little key-ring camera for those of you who want to indulge in a little espionage... Or just for security reasons. You never know when you'll need to take down recordings of shit as it goes down. Either way still an effing cool little gadget to own.


GeekZen also stocks a pretty wide range of GelaSkins, which are beautiful skins meant to encase and protect your phones. There's the standard film skins as well as hard cases, these are a really great way to customize your device and reduce chips and scratches.

Available for various smart-phones - check web-site for availability

GeekZen also offers anything from speakers to water-proof ear-phones to plushies, so do browse through to check out the full range of products available.

Also, GeekZen products are all sold with a pretty sweet 30-day returns policy. So if you should for any reason find that your purchase isn't satisfactory, there's that or the very friendly customer service team to address queries to.

Oh and, you might want to check out the Facebook page for GeekZen for updates on promos and offers - they're pretty generous with discounts on special occasions. In fact, there's an on-going one for Mother's Day. =)


Sherrie Pui said...

Nice! I got the Om Nom plushy already!

CreativeBitchin said...

ah i wanted to bid for that at the auction hills was having... but someone out-bid me for it. =P