Two-Pin Plug

Here's a quickie update for anyone interested in how my nape's doing:

So... this is my nape, nine days post-piercing. It's technically day ten today, but I've not bothered to snap a shot as it's likely to still be looking like this, as it has for the past few days.

As you can see, it's a bit reddened around both ends, more so from the edits done to this image. There's been a bit of exudate around the more inflamed-looking areas, in the form of plasma-like moisture and some crusties, but that's to be expected from a draining new piercing.

Yes, as disgusting as it might sound to some, piercings need to and will drain while healing, as your body works to clean out dead tissue and bacteria killed by your immune system.

Was a tad worried about the redness and the mild irritation I've been feeling around the discs, but after I'd sent Frankie a whole bunch of close-ups of my nape (like the one above), he laughingly assured me that it's actually the granulation tissue - which means it's healing normally, and healing well.

That said, even though he's the only piercer I'll ever trust to poke holes in and make incisions on various strange parts of my anatomy, I've chosen to disregard some of his after-care advice, opting to go with what I have learned from various resources online, and what has worked best for me in the past. After all, nobody knows my own body better than myself.

Was advised to only start sea salt compresses after one week, but I started doing so on day three. It seems to soothe the irritation a bit, and aids in removing build-up around the jewellery. Aside from that I'm leaving it the fuck alone, which means no touching it unless absolutely necessary, and defo no moving/jiggling the bar, which was suggested by Frankie. I figured, my body's best left to its own devices when it comes to fixing itself.

There's no pain, and most of the tenderness has subsided. I've snagged it a couple of times, and the sensation can only best be described as being... weird. The same way a very loose tooth feels when you jiggle it - not exactly painful at all, but just... very strange and not completely unpleasant.

Here's to another few weeks of happy, healthy healing! =)


KY said...


Effa said...

Hello, Irene. Hope your road to recovery will be a smooth journey. Get well soon!


CreativeBitchin said...

ky: hook me up to a car-battery and watch me go! =P

effa: thanks! it seems to be going well. hope it'll continue doing as well as it is right now! =)

Sherrie Pui said...

Eerie to me.. hmm.. but it's still cool to watch. XD

David said...


The redness also indicates your body does not likely the piercing.

Looks vaguely sci-fil-ish.


CreativeBitchin said...

sherrie: haha i actually feel the same about it to be honest!

david: i don't think the body likes having wounds of any sort inflicted on it haha. it'll remain reddish-pink as long as it's not completely healed through, regardless whether i remove the bar or not. at this point, removing it will only caues abscesses to form inside because it won't be able to drain. =)

seth.frostheart said...

very nice, irene. wish i could be there to document it like the eletro cautery my other friend did. i wanted to check with kot too about finishing off my right fore arm.

i snagged my nose piercing a couple of times and i woke up one day to find it missing. by the time i found it under the bed, the hole has already closed. i heal too damn fast. haha oh well...

David said...


Looking at the photo of the piercing on your nape still gives me the creeps.

Looks like some type sci fi-cyborgish data port.

The body as art just leaves me feeling creepy.

Nothing against you, that's just me.


CreativeBitchin said...

sethie: yeah! would've been cool to have a vid or some pictures of the punch and taper method of piercing. i read that it's a relatively new method - am pretty chuffed to have tried it first-hand. =)

oh my friend had a similar story to your nose... i think if the piercing's not about a year old yet it's very prone to closing up. the human body's ability to heal is an amazing thing!

david: haha, a friend of mine keeps joking that he can probably download the contents of my mind via those things in my neck!

i'm glad to report that it seems to be healing pretty rapidly. a little bit of itching, but otherwise it's looking pretty good now, and no longer as reddened. =)