Eyeballing You

It's been almost a week I've not updated. What's happened in that duration:

See my left eye? Yeap, it's definitely looking more than just a little bit blood-shot. And it has been that way over a week. You read correctly, OVER A WEEK.

This picture was taken five days ago, after I'd suffered a few days of redness and irritation after accidentally getting chilli oil into it (don't ask). Only went to the doctor's when it didn't abate, just to find out that all my rubbing had brought on an eye infection.

It's really uplifting news (NOT!) considering I have two weddings to attend this week, and had a bridal shower for the cousin's bride-to-be last week. And the best part of all this?

I had to go have it re-examined this morning because I woke up and it wasn't much better. Not as much discharge, but still sufficiently bloody-looking to warrant SOME concern. And when I went back to the doctor, his prognosis was that I've somehow manage to contract a bacteria that's somewhat resistant to the antibiotic eye-drops he prescribed previously.

Now I'm on a different round of eye-drops (which sting even worse than the previous one), and antibiotics I'm to take orally.

Wedding's in two days.

Joy, oh joy.

The only good thing that came out of this? I now have a pretty disturbing Facebook profile picture...

Just because I'm bad-ass like that. Heh. =P