Venn Diagrams

Human beings suffer from clan mentality.

That's not a bad thing per se, we're social creatures and we all need to feel accepted in some social hierarchy or another. It's a survival instinct of sorts - all that "Us versus Them" is basically sticking together in groups for the main purpose of self-interest; in the past that was precisely the sort of behaviour that pretty much ensured a higher rate of getting through the shit that comes with just living through another day.

But there's an ugly side to all this that has made me understand, more than ever, as to why I've always been resolutely the loner, always looking in from the outside, observing and wondering why we go about in our little follies. All those little blog wars. Those friendship politics. So trivial, so consuming.

I won't elaborate too much on this, but sometimes you are the company you keep. The small-minded, malicious, intolerant sorts would probably influence the objectivity of your perspective towards all this. And sometimes even the best of company leaves you yearning badly for your space, your own thoughts, your own time, unaffected by the trivialities of socialisation.

So here's to being a little bit introverted. And here's a very unapologetic view on the ugliness our kind will display once there's a common target for all that negativity. And don't you for a moment pretend you've never done the same. I have many times over, and will probably keep doing the same, despite my best efforts to avoid repeating this shit.

But yeah, we're all just being so foolishly, uniquely, simplistically human, ey? And yes, I do realise that for all my anti-social sentiments, I'd be the first to die should there be a zombie apocalyse... Then again, I'm jaded and fatalistic, and not very much use as a cog in the clock-work machinations of society, well-oiled or otherwise, so maybe it's no big loss. =P

Good morning, world. And it's been awhile since I've posted anything as mind-numbingly pensive as this, I realise. =)