Where's Cookie?

Every morning, I wake up to this amusing sight:

My dog loves sleeping next to me. I seem to only be able to sleep easily when I've got a heap of pillows on me and around me, specifically one over my face, one on my chest, and one longer one for me to wrap my legs around, aside from the standard pillow underneath my head.

Obviously, with such an arrangement, a pillow or two will invariably find its way off me over the course of the night, as I tend to shift around in my sleep quite a fair bit. One of the smaller pillows usually ends up on top of the dog slumbering peacefully next to me, which doesn't really bother her much, as she's pretty much used to falling asleep in my air-conditioned with duvets and pillows piled on top of her.

This is how, every morning, I wake up to find what looks like a small-ish pillow next to me, with a pointy black pair of doggy ears sticking out from underneath it, and grunty high-pitched snoring sounds emitting from the whole set-up.

Too bloody cute.

(And yes, that is the approximate design of the bed-spread I'm actually using currently. Bought by the green-loving Mrs. Chan.)


Jenny said...

I know I've read this hours ago... But... SHO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

David said...


Your little dog sounds adorable and so loving!

About Nov. 24ths post.

Unlucky in love you state.

Love is takes two. Many young people really get love confused with raging hormones, aka lust or horniess. Being with certian people can make one feel really good, for a while.

Then reality sets in and one or the other realizes that physical attaction and sex are about all the two share an interest in. Words may be exchanged indicating other desires, but there is no real basis for love in such.

A person can really only hurt oneself when a relationship or love appears to go bad.

True love really cannot not go bad, nor is it wrong.

It is when we desire something we think exist, or want dearly to appear in a relationship, that truly can be or ever exist.

Been there and done that far to many painful times in years long past.

I had to repeat such silly and non-productive behaviours before I learned the lesson.

I hurt myself more than any other person could. Self delusion, unrealistice expectations, projection to name a few methods that we fool ourselves into pursuit of peopel and relations that simply will never work the way we desire.

I wish you well and pray for you happiness!


CreativeBitchin said...

jen: cute all the time, my baby cookeh!

david: yeah she's a sweetie =) and the post you are referring to was actually on the depressing dynamics of non-dating relationship sort of love, but more to my frustration at the complicated dramas of a dysfunctional family.