Blow You Away

Early this morning, at the traffic light near Brighton Square, I spotted this smoke-spewing abomination:

The poor Proton stuck behind him was actually reversing from its original spot about a foot behind it, during that tormenting wait at the traffic lights, where all of us behind Smoggy Fartmobile had to put up with massive amounts of toxic fumes in our faces.

Someone should have him reported to the local authorities. Fucking inconsiderate arsehole.

Didn't bother to Photoshop his license plate out because I figured, if the fellow's so unabashed about the massive amount of pollution his vehicle's spewing out, what's posting this up on a relatively unknown little local blog?


David said...


Agree that the old truck is spewing a sorts of nasty smoke.

Appears to be burning oil.

Don't be so harsh on the owner. He/she might not be able to afford a newer vehicle or to repair that ancient one.

The Holiday season is near, a little goodwill and cheer will go a long way to make one feel better.


CreativeBitchin said...

i guess maybe i was too harsh, but there ARE a lot of vehicles like that in kuching, where the owners just couldn't be arsed or are too stingy to fix the problem. getting stuck behind that for a good 5 minutes didn't help with my impression of it either...