Clock Keeps Ticking

One more assignment due tomorrow morning. A finance exam at noon. Three hours sleep in the afternoon today, after pulling an all-nighter.

I must be getting older. I don't remember this being as tiring three years ago. But I can't really complain. Not everyone gets as many second chances.

No fucking respite from today's madness. And I've just viewed the full versh of the assignment put together by my group-mate like five minutes ago, and needless to say, I am NOT pleased. Bloody hell. After all the work I put in, all I asked for was that he did a references page for me, with special emphasis that he was to do that using the Harvard Referencing System.

Apparently dude didn't know what that was and didn't bother to ask me or let me see the completed references page before passing the entire assignment up. I'm really pretty irked now. It's not like he couldn't email it to me - it'd taken less than a minute to do so.

I mean, I should be thankful that he's much better than the previous group-mates I've had before - at least he pulled his weight, or tried his best to, BUT HOW THE FUCK CAN SOMEONE DOING A SECOND YEAR UNIT NOT KNOW WHAT THE HARVARD REFERENCING SYSTEM IS?






Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Bloody hell. I was planning to have a quick nap before I got back to rushing for another deadline, but now I'm so annoyed at how things turned out today, I really don't feel like sleeping anymore. I'll just start on the other assignment.

I can't remember the last time I went out on a real date or went clubbing and let my hair down.

Next week... I'll make it up to myself next week. Sigh.


Not Quite The Witching-Hour Yet And I'm Being A Bitch

I've been resisting the urge to blog about this particular "blogger", but my inner bitch (along with the procrastinator in me who's less-than-enthusiastic to finish off two assignments) is demanding that I get all the poison out of my system heh. Besides, something as good as this - I shouldn't be selfish and keep it to myself. It makes for great reading, if just for the sheer entertainment value, I think.

You see, Potato Mel wants to be "popular". I think the word she's looking for is "famous" or maybe even "notorious", from her blog description, which reads, "It's all of my feelings &pictures. No matter how bad the comments are, I want my blog to be popular."

There's even a dire threat included in her About Me: "
I don't know how long I can keep on to blog. I want my blog to be well-received."

So it's no sweat off my conscience blogging about her, since I'm giving her exactly what she wants: more hits, and maybe more comments, even if they turn out to be bad ones.

Anyway, this is how she looks like.

Can someone tell me WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THE LIP THING? Does she think it makes her look cute or something? Is is supposed to look manja or something, in that cute-little-girl sorta way? URGH. Damn fail. HAHAHA like there's something wrong with the lower lip. Damn ah lian this girl HAHAHAHAHAHAH. And she's not even a hot ah lian at that urgh.

And this is her "guardian aka soulmate aka boyfriend":

That was maybe one of his best pictures of him I've yet to see on her blog. I shall not comment any further on him.

Funny lala pictures of PotatoGal and Co. aside, what is the selling point of this blog?

Well for one, she's so contradictory it's just pathetically laughable. Here's an excerpt from her post on MayDay's concert:

"It was crowded that night. But for me, Gary Chao's more squeezy. It's a very good chance for girls who went with the love ones. You can act it's too hot to stand, too stuffy to squeeze in etc so that your love ones hug you or help you bla bla bla. Sounds good right? For me, it's all so FAKE! Why need to act in order to get attention? Probably is lack of self-confidence."

Speaking of pot calling the kettle black LOL.

And, the all the little anecdotes on her blog, such as this especially amuse me:

"I bought these rose products months ago when I was in Kuching. At first, I wanna attract boys. ( ya! Like you think, I'm whore!) Then I started putting it on whenever I meet with Jeff. I still can remember that, one time, when I got in his car, he said " You got a strong smell!". And of course I denied it. Actually I put on the lotion all over my body. Now I realise that that smell was making Jeff sick and not attracting him! How foolish I am! I feel so guilt that he, from the beginning till now, is bearing my UNPLEASANT SMELL.

I cried for the whole night."

Aww. How... cute. Girl doesn't have sense of smell.

Also, her attempts to be funny amuse me, just because they are so unfunny:

"Just bought a new pair of sunglasses. It's Bonia. Not cool right? I've tried a white-frame one. I really look like Paris Hilton!!!!! It suited me but I didn't buy. I'm scared that I looked RICH and kidnapped by Idons or perhaps opposition party of Paris Hilton. Wahahha!"

Funny? No? Heh heh.

Sometimes she says things that don't quite make sense, and come off sounding like a obscene parody of the "sex-sells" theory. Like this amazingly salah line:

"Nah. This is what I took after the aerobics session. See my nen nen. It's all wet!!! Cute right? hahaha! And....... I wanna say, my nen nen is not that small ok?"


Wet breasts are NOT cute you stupid bimbo wtf.

Nobody describes their globes, coated with moisture or not, as oozing in adorable appeal. Cute is for hamsters. Cute is for puppies (of the furry four-legged variety). Cute is for bunnies and babies and all things wide-eyed and helpless and small and cute is maybe even for Hello Kitty but cute is NOT applicable as an adjective where a secondary sexual feature is the noun.

C'mon, could you get away with telling a man that his dick was "cute"? No, right? My point exactly. I'd bludgeon anyone who'd tell me I had a "cute" pair of knockers to death with a giant Mashimaro (I have a big, bulky, unhuggable one, no shit - my ex got it for me, no prizes given for the reason why he's now just a moment in history). Cute, indeed.

HAHA. What the fuck was she thinking when she said that?

Anyway, do pay her blog a visit, if just to satisfy your curiosity (I know you want to check her blog out... don't deny it!), or maybe, like me, your charitable soul just wants to help her make her dream to become fehmes come true.

Because I really don't want her to stop blogging. Who will I read when I need someone to laugh at then?


Rant #528

I thought she'd not be able to make me cry anymore, but I was wrong. She undermines my self-esteem all the time with her tactless remarks.

All the time. All the fucking time.

The only time I wasn't too fat in her fucking eyes since I grew up and hit puberty, was two occasions in my teenage life - when I was borderline anorexic and barely eating to stay alive, and when I was indulging a very expensive drug habit.

I've gained back just 2kg, which is back to a more reasonable weight for my height, at 49kg and 168cm, and now she's having issues with that. Just two fucking kilos, and it's not exactly like I look like a whale now.

I have something more substantial on my chest than a couple of mosquito bites. The sunken look on my face has disappeared. Shouldn't she be happy that I'm looking healthier than I've looked in a long time?

And all her issues with me regarding her perceived worthlessness of me. Why thank you, mother, for telling me that I'm a good-for-nothing slut-whore living off my men. That was very honest of you, but it's not like I didn't already know what you thought of me, and the truth is probably to the contrary... Just proves how much you really know about me huh?

So much unsaid hurt lurking under the shiny happy veneer of this family... And now I'm wondering: was it even a good decision when I packed up and decided to come back home?


Sometimes They Sing It Better Than I Could Ever Have Said It

You're a part time lover and a full time friend
The monkey on you're back is the latest trend
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

I kiss you on the brain in the shadow of a train
I kiss you all starry eyed, my body's swinging from side to side
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Here is the church and here is the steeple
We sure are cute for two ugly people
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

The pebbles forgive me, the trees forgive me
So why can't, you forgive me?
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

I will find my nitch in your car
With my mp3 DVD rumple-packed guitar
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Du du du du du du dudu
Du du du du du du dudu
Du du du du du du dudu du

Up up down down left right left right B A start
Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

You are always trying to keep it real
I'm in love with how you feel
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

We both have shiny happy fits of rage
You want more fans, I want more stage
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Don Quixote was a steel driving man
My name is Adam I'm your biggest fan
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Squinched up your face and did a dance
You shook a little turd out of the bottom of your pants
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

Du du du du du du dudu
Du du du du du du dudu
Du du du du du du dudu du
But you


Snip, Snip... Smile!

Barely a month ago, I hacked off eight inches of my hair, and thought it was a bold move. But today, while on the way back home from lunch, I just had to have another few inches chopped off.

The front still looks pretty much like how it did, only a bit shorter than before, and a little more layered and choppy.

The back... is short. And spiky. Punky spiky. I'm planning to colour it some other drastic colour soon, after all my exams and deadlines are over. Blond is getting boring. Not that my hair's VERY blond, but that's not really the point.

Maybe I'll regret all this when I start missing my long hair.

But for now, I've no complains haha.

I can't wait for BeeBeeBoBo's reaction to this HAHA.


How Could You NOT Love These Overgrown Monkeys?

Disclaimer: This post was written purely in good humour, and the blog author shall not be held responsible for defamation or to be blamed for causing anyone's saham to turun. So no complaints aye! =P

OK, finally a very belated birthday post! Been waiting whole week for all the pictures to be posted on Facebook, and so far, the responses to all those incriminating images being immortalized forever in cyberspace can pretty much be summed in one word: horrified. HEHE.

Sooo... on Saturday, I set out with these buncha monkeys and embarked on a long painful road-trip. We checked in at some resort at Siar Beach (can't remember the name, and couldn't be arsed, the staff was so rude I don't feel like promoting it at all), and the guys started playing some ball-game in the pool (haha sounds fucking wrong but I digress). I must say, some pretty interesting shots came out of that.

There's one of Sohai's blindingly pale buns...

And another of LancerAjai doing an impressively flexible gymnastic spin in the pool...

I didn't know anything about plans for my birthday, as I thought it was just an overnight trip to the beach, which I was more than happy to go along with. And then I saw a cake somewhere. So I thought it was probably just to celebrate Gerald and Ajai's double birthdays. And then after dinner Sohai took out THREE cakes. And BeeBeeBoBo wanted to go down to the beach for the cake-cutting and all. I was STILL unsuspecting enough not to think that there were other intentions behind all that, so we all trooped down to the beach innocent of the devious plans ahead.

Was so touched that someone remembered my birthday, I didn't quite think about how suspicious the whole affair actually was... AND TO THINK THAT MY OWN SISTER WAS ACTUALLY INVOLVED IN THIS... I cringe at my own gullibility now.

There was a strong breeze blowing so we had to squat in front of our cakes and shield the candles

Straight after the candle-blowing... SPLAT!

Just when everyone ran outta eggs and we thought it was safe to let our guards down, these idiots launched a second wave of attack on us - this time with water-balloons

This n00b had a balloon but never got to use it - but it kenak rampas by me, and she ran off screaming HAHA

These two are evil, evil, evil... tsk tsk

Kinda sucks to be the birthday boys heh

I look like... crap. There's no other way to describe this look...

LancerAjai has a very cute expression on here - the super kek tiok face

Finally - REVENGE! Too bad he found an unbroken egg later on and reciprocated =(

And then the boys got their gifts. And had an obligatory shot taken of them posing with their pressies.

"Gee, I've always wanted one of these... Check out the elasticity of the waistband! Ooh hot da-yumm..."

In the intermission of all the fun and games, someone decided to rinse off a bit... Which turned out to be a VERY bad move, with a camera-man hovering around somewhere...

Manhunt 2008

Then we went back to our rooms, only to find this:

MachoAlan cuddling up to my present. Poor Ozzie!

After a few rounds of Taboo to get everyone nice and tipsy, we played Twister. It was NOT a pretty sight.

Moment of almost-unbearable ecstasy for these two (aka Brokeback Lundu)

Nobody ever said Twister was a particularly dignified game to play

Then I got tipsy and, of all things, suddenly decided I wanted to blow up some balloons. Gerald was also as random, and suddenly decided he wanted to take pictures of me blowing up balloons. *shrugs*

NO more blowjob jokes PLEASE

EricMabuks got super-mabuk, and MachoAlan got... hungry. OK, he's always hungry, but that doesn't make this picture any less funny heheh...

"Ooh... I love licking the cone. Don't 'cha like licking the cone?"

And then everyone got mabuk and did this... Well, actually Sohai was trying to hijack a bed so everyone piled on to deter him. Dude was too muka tembok and didn't even get the hint, and even went as far as to jump on and pose for a shot.


Damn poser this guy...

But in the end he ended up sleeping on the couch and couldn't wake up till noon because he was so hungover. Fucking alkie tee-hee...

This Sleeping Beauty somehow has rather porcine-looking features

Phew. End of a very image-heavy post, because I'm too lazy to type out an entire account of the last weekend.

In the spirit of anti-plagiarism, I must credit Gerald and Ah Jong for all the pictures here (and effectively passing the blame for the ugly photos to them hee hee), except for the last one. That, I'll have to give credit to Miss Dot.

Now I'll just sit back and wait for Sohai to start bitching at me about his ugly shots here. Some people are so unsporting.

*huge grin*



I've been feeling so lethargic for the entire week, and I've no idea why. I suspect it might just be PMS. Either that or it's because of the reduction in smoking.

Slept from 9 yesterday night, to 9 this morning, and am still feeling a tad weakened. And I've a tonne of assignments to start working on. Boo hoo hoo.

If this chronic tiredness really is because of my period I hope it comes and goes soon so I can get on with life instead of dragging my drowsy self around in the vain hope that by doing so I might squeeze out an extra ounce of productivity.

'Cause it's obviously not working. All I've been thinking off is my bed. My soft squashy pillows. My comforter to wrap myself up in. My wonderfully darkened room, just right for a nice long snooze.

My favourite sofa would do just as nicely as well. With all the wonderfully soft throw-pillows with the wonderfully textured pillow-covers. And the wide seat-space to accommodate long legs and funny sleeping positions.

Sigh. Sleepy.

Anyway, speaking of sofas, here's some pictures (and captions) taken off Jellybean's blog (the girl has a penchant for collecting photos of me and Cookie sleeping together on the couch, for what reason I have no freakin' idea):

Cookie : This is my throne.. Muahaha..

It's so damn comfy...

I'm a Funky Dog

Cookie's sporting a funny little mohawk here 'cause earlier on Miss Jellybeans thought it'd be funny to gel it up. Didn't quite turn out so well because Cookie's fur was way too soft and wouldn't hold up, despite the liberal usage of hair-styling lotion. In fact all the stuff did was weight it down haha.

And yeap, I am that tan now. Seems like I've been spending all my weekends on the beach lately, so the nice tan I got while diving at Sipadan Island during Chinese New Year never got to fade away.

Which is a great thing 'cause I no longer look like some green-tinged corpse in pictures. =P


This Is A Community Service Message

Do not watch An Empress and The Warriors. I repeat, do NOT watch this completely pointless movie.

It's so bad, you might actually lose your dinner watching it. While your head explodes.

Yes, it was that corny. Major cheese here from every damn character, and not an ounce of intelligence in the dialogue. Not to mention that there's even an hot-air balloon romantic scene in there as well. Like, major wtf.

And the acting was... Well... Kelly Chen was over-dramatic and looked like a spastic panda, Leon Lai was trying to hard to be cutesy-romantic and came by more irritating than charming, and Donnie Yen was... just being Donnie Yen.

BeeBeeBoBo, Sohai and I just wasted two fucking hours sitting there alternately sniggering and groaning at having to endure the terrible acting and stupid plot. And cringing. I was sitting between two grown men covering their faces with their hands. It was that painful to watch. Longest two hours of my life. I think we must be retarded to have even sat through the whole thing.

At least Meet The Spartans was intentionally funny, and lame on purpose. This, on the other hand, was STUPID on so many levels I don't even know where to begin.

The most memorable quote tonight was from Sohai: "This is the last Chinese movie I'm watching this year."

YES it's THAT bad.

Take my word for it. Don't bother. Don't even bother to use the RM10 saved from not watching this at the cinema to buy the DVD. Just don't. DON'T.



This is Ozzie Bear, I got him as my birthday pressie on Saturday! Other than Cookie, he's now my night-time companion when I sleep =P

I'm a sucker for squashy stuffed toys with interesting textures - terry-cloth stuffed toys for example.

I never grew out of falling in love with soft toys, especially those with sentimental value - and quickly grow attached to them.

But I seem to keep losing them. There was Beethoven (no prizes for guess what this was), and a few others I can't recall, and most recently, Doggie. =(

Speaking of which, Miss Dot's lost her Patrick toy almost the same day I got my Ozzie Bear. So I cannot sound too happy here. 'Cause it'd be just rubbing it in. But I promised to post a picture of him up complete with introduction, so here he is!

OK I'm getting ready for not one, but TWO birthday dinners in a bit.

This year everyone's been very nice to me on my birthday (other than the egg- and water-balloon-pelting bit), and as I'm among those who love me and solitude is not an issue, it's been one of the happiest birthday in a long, longggggggggg time haha.


Everyone Seems to be Suffering PMS Tonight

It's roughly an hour and 15 minutes to my birthday, and I've just reached home in time to find everyone pissed off at each other.

Everyone's arguing with one another, for all the most trivial reasons, even the normally peace-loving dadster.

And while trying to be cheerful to lighten the tense atmosphere, I somehow incurred Mrs. Chan's ire.

"You are the most irresponsible member of the family. You never do anything properly bla bla yadda yadda..."


Now what the hell did I do other than be nice? Sob.

I think everyone's better off hiding in their individual rooms.


Run Away, Runaway

Found this posted on Facebook and swiped it to post up here 'cause it's still giving me tummyache from laughing too hard:

Despondent at his mundane life in Malaysia and his chronic girlfriend-less existence, Emsie decided to leave home to travel the world (and explore new frontiers)

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA this picture is just so fucking hilarious ROFLMAO solitary shorty with backpack leaving though some doorway hahaha so cute...

And in case that wasn't funny enough, here's the caption and comments for the picture LOL (click on them to view larger versh):



Ooh Sexy Sushi

I've heard of eating sushi off red-hot naked girls, but never eating sushi off hot red-coloured cars HAHAHA.

Randomness: A tray of sushi on a shiny red car

Closer view - sushi goodness for all! Yeahhhhhh...

Would've taken a picture of the horrified car-owner's face (who was anticipating edibles after skipping breakfast, but not expecting to find it ON his precious car), but was too hungry to care for anything but the sushi, after I'd snapped these two shots.



My Hair Still Smells Vaguely of Egg

Been napping on and off since I got back from Sematan.

Will post on that once I've recovered from the weekend. Still trying to shake off holiday mood boo hoo hoo tomorrow's a dreaded MONDAY... =(

Will introduce Ozzie to the world then!

Iwene <3 Ozzie loads!



Was planning a lengthy rant how some "friends" are only friends when they need you and then pretty much take you for granted once you've fulfilled your function, despite the secrets they make you keep and the costs you have to bear for their sakes.

But then I figured I couldn't give a fuck. Sure I wasted a little time and money on helping clean up/avert crises for nothing, not even a fucking gramme of gratitude, but I'll just consider it just a spot of charity performed for the sake of good karma.

Plus all in all, everything's that happened has been a fucking learning experience.

I'll keep my mouth shut on all the shit you made me take for your own stupidity and recklessness.

On a more cheery note, BOTH my parents are out of town. Liberation!

Yeah, right.

The house is strangely quiet without the matriarch's constant nagging and/or cleaning (woman has severe case of OCD), and there's also no blasting of opera music from Mr. Chan's precious audio system. Nobody's hogging the telly to watch CNN when I want to watch House instead. Both my sister and I have not been having regular meals due to plain laziness (couldn't be arsed to cook, couldn't be arsed to go out for meals or tapao, couldn't be arsed even to lift the phone off the hook and dial for McDonald's delivery).

Most tellingly, the dog is extremely depressed by the decimated household, and all the more clingy because of that.

I could throw an illegal party here, but I'm way too old for that and I'm not looking forward to the cleaning-up after. And there are too many of dad's precious antiques and audio equipment lying around - I wouldn't want them damaged by bringing in a houseful of drunk/stoned party-goers.

Conversation with Jellybeans earlier on in the evening:

Irene says (6:38 PM):
i wish i cud stay n chat w u
Irene says (6:38 PM):
Irene says (6:38 PM):
i hv 2 pick miss dot up fr tuition
Irene says (6:38 PM):
Irene says (6:38 PM):
Jellybeans says (6:39 PM):
Irene says (6:39 PM):
Irene says (6:39 PM):
*power crazy*
Jellybeans says (6:39 PM):
kns..what kinda sister lidat one..
Irene says (6:39 PM):
Irene says (6:39 PM):
Irene says (6:39 PM):
n i can dcide whether 2 bring her kai kai
Irene says (6:39 PM):
or 2 GROUND her
Irene says (6:39 PM):
Irene says (6:39 PM):
i feel so powderful!
Jellybeans says (6:39 PM):
Jellybeans says (6:39 PM):

Nawps. You wouldn't want a substitute parent quite like me. Haha.


Drunken Ramblings

So drunk.

Shouldn't have drank on an empty stomach and an exhausted body.

Why the fuck were we discussing politics at a pub anyway? And philosophy? And marketing? And the role of the government in an ordered society? Even before I actually got drunk enough to discuss all those with much enjoyment?

Won many many games of blackjack... against a guy with a PhD no less HAHAHA. Or was it a masters. I don't remember. But it proves that Murphy's Law is actually correct. Go in expecting to win and you get fucked up by lousy luck. Maybe the opposite holds true.

I'm tempted to take up a job at the Ruai. Considering where it is, the pay's pretty good. Plus the music and the atmosphere is irreplaceably great.

OK maybe I'm just tempted by the idea of working in close proximity of so much alcohol. Heheh.


Emo Post

Coming back home didn't, couldn't take away that lonely emptiness inside of me. I guess it was never just as simple as a mere environmental issue. That solitude was always more inherent to myself than anyone would have imagined.

The barrage of voices around me serve to further alienate, despite the love I know I feel for all of you present. 'Cause what I know doesn't mean I really feel.

I'm trying hard, I really am, to learn how to silence this discontent welling up inside me, yet I find myself now plotting my next escape, to another place.

Don't come with me.


Stress Gives Me Lausai

Haven't slept in 48 hours.

Today one assignment and one business proposal due. And had one presentation to give.

Now everything's pretty much kaotim already, at least for this week, I can relax a bit.

Staying a night at the beach this weekend with BeeBeeBoBo and Co.! Happy!

OK now I celebrate by binge-ing on marshmallows and then passing out on my bed with Cookie for a few hours at least.


Took this off SkinnyMeanie's blog. It was captioned, "This...for your information, is a very typical pose of both mistress and dog." That I don't know much about but it's a cute shot nevertheless =P


Giving the Phrase "Happy Buttday" A Whole New Meaning

Went climbing again on Sunday. Well, technically, only Miss Dot did because I was still sick and didn't want to exert myself and fuck myself over just before my most hectic week before the holidays. This time, I remembered to charge my camera batteries, so I actually got more pictures (very important thing, and you'll see why).

First thing we did was cam-whore... (Can almost hear Sie Hai laughing and saying "Eeeeee you two syok sendiri one HAHAHAHAHA!"

I look blonder here than I really am... but face it lah, I think I am very ah lian anyway

Spot the bimbo monkey? Miss Dot looks strangely blank-faced here. Creepy.

Introducing Sie Hai (aka Say Hi (Sohai?) to those who cannot pronounce Chinese well), because I promised him that I'd feature him on my blog... =P

Dunno why he's stoning out here but Dotster says he's pweddy in this picture

He did the Baby Wall heh heh... 'cause he's also a n00b...

This is the butt-sticking-out pose

This is the cat-stuck-on-wall pose

This is the cute-schoolboy-take-off-shoe pose

And then it was Miss Dot's turn:

Dunno why she looks so happy just putting on shoes

In the beginning... good effort

... and then she got stuck

This is the view all of us down below got

And then the surprise birthday party for Asang! Hence the reason I dragged my poor sick arse outta bed on a Sunday morning when I should have been recuperating... heh heh wouldn't wanna miss it with all that was planned! And this time I had my camera fully-charged for occasion.

We had plenty of balloons for colour (very painful balloons to inflate orally too, they were so small and the rubber was so thick, and we were all suspiciously hiding behind a car to blow them up whilst giggling madly...)

Caren and Glenn setting up the place for the party

Look at what the balloons were fastened to: climbing ropes hanging down from the overhang! So cute...

A butt-cake for the boy with the sexy butt haha... too bad the bakery screwed up and got the gender of the posterior wrong

Caren handing Asang's present to him

He seems to like it!

Still admiring the sexy little thong he got for his birthday

This looks... painful

Happy Birthday, Asang!

Miss Dot and I left after the party was over because I was

(a) sick and running low on energy
(b) eager to get back to completing my assignments and stuff.

But we did manage to snap one last picture before the long ride home: