April Fools Shenanigans

Didn't even realise today was April Fool's until Sohai texted me halfway through my exam, asking me when my class ended, so I could join him in pranking a couple of mutual friends, both who were working in Boulevard.

We bought some supplies and headed there in a hurry, to do a little pimpin' of unattended rides.

Victim #1: Now probably the gayest Mazda Fighter in the entirety of Kuching

All of those hearts and flowers were cut out of fluorescent-pink sticker paper and stuck on

More pink - in the form of ribbons "tastefully" wrapped round parts of the car

Pom-poms tied on the front of the car

Sohai even gave it a cute little piggy tail with a pom-pom attached

Vicim #2: Eco-friendly Proton Iswara with biodegradable bumper and spoiler

Low-cost solution to car-modification

We are artists who pay attention to detail

The cheapest spoiler in the world

The evil mastermind behind all this - trying to be cute

That's all for now I guess... Am too tired to post all the pictures up or type much, plus most of the shots I took were blurry because we were in such a hurry - we only started fixing up the cars at 4pm - after we'd gone to acquire the necessary items for our little activity, and located the cars in the three-level parking-lot in Boulevard, we didn't have much time left.

Will post the rest up some other day when I'm less exhausted.

Hope y'all had a great April Fools! Remember, the key to having a good one is to be the pranker, not the prankee!


Samantha said...

omg the air there at boulevard's carpark is soo bad. bet u guys suffered a lil in there.

Chienne said...

sam: we were sweating like pigs in there... the bad air wasn't the main issue, the heat was! i don't even know why the hell did we spend so much money, time, and effort just to annoying the shit outta these poor poor people hahahah.

Arth Akal said...

WAAHHAHAHAHAH.....OMG, the proton pimpin is the classic evar....

why i cant stop laughin aaahhh???


Chienne said...

arth: heheheh... you laugh! it's just something right up your alley i think - your kinda thing to fiddle round with cardboard HAHA.

anyway the owner of the car came out from work and caught us putting the finishing touches on the car. he didn't know how to react haha. we made him drive around the car-park with all the "modifications" on.

Hedonistics Anonymous said...


hey, next time do what my friend and i did in college. we snapped off huge tree branches and gathered lalang and covered another friend's car with it. the end result: a huge bush suddenly appeared in the parking lot. we called it the jumanji effect.

Chienne said...

hedo: you ain't seen the completed product yet, skirt even had a fancy lip on it LOL.

ah... will keep your tip in mind the next time we pull that again. but snapping branches and gathering lalang sounds like a lot more work than just going to a supermarket and asking for boxes ler.

people really too free, put so much effort into being complete pests haha =P

aaronparan said...


you. mean.

i've never been so thankful to not have a car.


Chienne said...

aaron: eh! we put in a lotta effort okay! just because we LIKED these people and wanted to bring a smile to their faces on such a notable day! and the ribbons weren't cheap eh! and we had to go around begging for boxes! and i got finger cramp from cutting out all the flowers and hearts from sticker paper.

heheheheh. we're not mean, we're dedicated.

Purple Bastard said...

Dedicated? I think the more appropriate term is "chiak pah bo su cho".

thegeekinpink said...

wahahahaha really sohai you people... HAHAHAHA the proton skirt. why didnt drive out to the main road? it'll be a riot to see! HAHAHA

Chienne said...

purple bastard: well... also that, but at least we were creative in using up our spare time!

thegeekinpink: dude didn't wanna drive the proton out leh, he said his car parts might just fall off halfway LOL. we did manage to get him drive round the parking lot though - it was a fucking riot i tell you hahahah. anyway guess whose bright idea it was to do all this? the penganggur lah!